The Worldwide Smartphone Shipment Decline by 2.3% cause of Coronavirus issue

happening in most part of the world especially in China where a lot of phones are made (Made in China).

If you notice while checking most products you will see Made in China in most cases.

Well we don’t know how soon this issue of Coronavirus will last and countries that will be affected,

but the flare-up is already affecting the Worldwide Smartphone Shipment Recovery for the year 2020.

According to the IDC report, The first half of 2020 will see a decline of 10.6% YoY, with the market predicted to only make up ground in the second half with accelerated 5G efforts.

The Coronavirus is currently affecting the Chinese economy state and they are trying to recover from the shock.

IDC is calculating a multi-quarter growth for the industry in China

as Chinese workers gradually return to factories amidst persisting transportation challenges.

February and March are usually the time some

flagship models normally launch but it has already been affected by the outbreak of the disease.

With this,

IDC predicted that smartphone shipment will be affected

this year and I guess you know what it will mean to manufactures, Loses.



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